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The Ageless Wisdom

The School exists as a vehicle for some of those who are attracted to the study and application, respectively, of the Cosmology and Teaching of the Ageless Wisdom in a group setting. The Ageless Wisdom consists of that vast body of written and unwritten material available to humanity throughout all time relating to certain fundamental laws of the universe which underlie all political, religious, philosophic, artistic and scientific thought and human existence in general.

Basis of Study

In the world there is a rich diversity of spiritual approach to Life. There are many teachers and methods to accommodate the variety of human beings and the differing points in development. Some groups blend the works of a variety of teachers. The School, however, has been formed specifically for those who wish to participate in the study of the Alice Bailey books and Agni Yoga books. A purity of focus is maintained and understanding enhanced by eliminating the confusion of mixed terminologies. The School is nonpolitical and nonsectarian. There is no doctrine or dogma to which any student must subscribe to become or remain a member. Truth is its own authority. See the section "Basis of Study" for further clarification.

Group Work

The School is only one of thousands of groups of people responding to spiritual impulse. The School functions as an organism in process of evolution; every part affects the whole and the whole affects every part. In its totality, the School represents the combined spiritual impact of the lives of the members, both individually and collectively in relation to the Universe.

In our work together since 1971 we have found that almost all kinds of groups go through similar and predictable steps and stages in their evolution. Most groups are totally unaware of this process and endure unnecessary difficulty and premature disbandment as a result. We have a publication which seeks to bring light on this issue, called The Fires of Group Work. To order, follow this link to our Publications page.


Members participate in the School in several ways. There are weekly meetings where we read, study and meditate together. We also have group meditations near the time of each full moon. Introductory Classes are offered to help people familiarize themselves with the Teachings. See the section "Meetings" for further information.

Other Service Activities

Members of the School of Ageless Wisdom initiated several service activities including Global Elementary Model United Nations, Balanced Beginnings and The Robert Muller School World Core Curriculum Coordinating Center. Please see the section, "Service Activities" for more information.


One of the areas of Esoteric study is Astronomical Energy. Astrologers are using the sky as it presented itself 2000 years ago. It has changed much since then. We are experimenting with using astronomical data to determine present positions of the constellations and astrological interpretations of energy patterns found in the Bailey and Agni Yoga books. We call our experiment "Astrochemistry" and you can access further information on the menu bar on the top of any page.

In association with Astrochemistry we have a monthly publication called Cycles. Cycles uses the astronomically determined dates of our Sun's alignment with zodiacal constellations and uses quotations from the Bailey and Agni books to help bring meaning to the changing energy patterns. We also publish the School of Ageless Wisdom Calendar which explains Astrochemistry and shows the constellation changes and full moon service periods for the year. You follow this link to subscribe to Cycles or you can access Cycles Online.