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UNOL Challenge

      Everyone interested in assisting the UNOL process of working out new ideas for peace knows that old relationships of antagonism must be altered.

      The UNOL is an opportunity to allow an entirely new type of creativity in relationships. Who, among the inhabitants of our planet will be willing to "see" through the "old" outworn antipathies and go forward in cooperation with the spirit of peace? It could very well be some of those among the delegates of UNOL!

      Our challenge is one which has been with humanity for aeons. It is the challenge to live in freedom, harmony and cooperation, sharing resources. It is not impossible to bring about a human mindset where the long sought manifestation of a world without violence will exist. The populace of the world must be educated to realize that the possibility is more than a dream. It will happen as the people of goodwill begin to mobilize a will-to-good, and refute any lesser attitudes.

      Active goodwill has a tremendous power! It is contagious and will cut right through the fogs of mistrust. Since the human family has never experienced it in total, the requirement for totally new ways of relating must be worked out through the inspired creativity of those who will accept nothing less.

      In UNOL, it is intended that the old ways of dealing with world problems through conflict shall be abandoned in deference to understanding compromise and cooperation among individuals and nations.

      Little by little, the spirit of peace shall inspire and rule the hearts and minds of all humanity. UNOL has the opportunity to help in bringing it about through modeling a new vision shared by the entire world group.




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